Sunday, September 28, 2008

Swimming Time!

I finally decided to let the kids swim a little yesterday and today after church, as it will soon be too cold. The pond level is the highest it has ever been, due to the good rains we had a couple days back. While they were swimming, a good rain shower came through and dropped even more.

The kids absolutely love the pond.



Anonymous said...

I had kinda hoped you would get more water in the pond with the rain -- I check your area on sometimes. Then, had hoped you would post to the blog. How great that it is holding! Is the water pretty clear up close? The green stuff must be algae. Maybe you can get a picture of the big bullfrog to post if he's not too shy.

DCox said...

The water is dark from being stirred with mud, etc. from the rain, but it settles down pretty quick and is fairly clear. The green color you saw in the earlier pics was actually where the water was deeper or reflection, etc., as it was nearly crystal clear there (from the water from the well).

A good healthy pond, once it has time to settle down for a while, will not be clear or muddy, but rather have greenish tint that makes seeing through it impossible. That means the building blocks of the eco-food chain are pretty much in place.

Anyway, I have been telling the kids that the Lord's timing is always perfect, as He may know that the pond needs to settle in longer before being full-brim. But I still keep praying that He sends more rain.